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Increasing Profitability and Decreasing Stress

in Hotels, Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants, Spas, Gyms, Golf Clubs, Tourism & others

Triage Hospitality Ltd. is a consultancy & coaching firm which provides effective solutions, as well as ongoing support, to the common problems faced by hospitality, tourism & leisure companies .

Triage was established in 2006 by Kenneth Sharp to meet the need for businesses to create a difference in their products, helping them stand out in an increasingly commodotised world.  Triage Hospitality does this by integrating businesses sales, marketing and operations into a razor-sharp focus on why a guest will choose a business over it's competition.  Since 2006 Triage Hospitality has expanded in response to continuing success and the increasing demand for this service.

Triage Hospitality splits the business process into 4 areas.


From the mini-audit carried out prior to the initial meeting to the full 5 day in depth business audit, Triage Hospitality will look at the areas of the business that can make a difference to revenue and costs.  Using research, both on and off line, Mystery shopping with recorded telephone calls and even covert vdeo of transactions the areas to be targeted can be identified.


Using the aims and ambitions of the ownership and management team as a base, combined with the results of the audit, Triage Hospitality helps draw out key competitive differences that can be exploited to increase revenue and decrease costs.  Triage is the allocation of scarce resources in the most effective way to achieve the desired result, Triage Hospitality will help you do this for your business.


Once the strategic direction is decided the team must be able to deliver it.  Training is often bought in and delivered with little or no reference to the companies goals.  Triage will ensure that training providers tailor training to meet the aims and objectives of the company.  Pre and post training analysis will be carried out and training providers held to account over the success of the training.


Whether online or offline, PR,  advertising, websites, social media, web 2.0, web 1.0, website optimisation, search engine optimisation, GDS optimisation, sales, marketing consortia membership, tourist boards or any of the other channels available, Triage will ensure that your message is heard loud and clear, targeted at the people who want to buy.  The biggest bang for the smallest buck!

Our team have a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry; with backgrounds in hotel management, hospitality auditing, publicity, PR, marketing, advertising, journalism, copywriting, videography, graphic and website design.

Using our in depth knowledge of the current hospitality market and an extensive data base of contacts in the media industry and of highly qualified training staff, we can tailor solutions to handle the specific needs and objectives of your company. We have the skills in place to help you to improve the services you already offer while at the same time raising the profile of your company to ensure increased profits.

We welcome enquiries from all areas of the hospitality, tourism and leisure industries; from restaurants, golf resorts, spas, hotels and attractions right through to events, pubs, festivals and private houses.

At Triage Hospitality Ltd we guarantee regular contact to reach the best results and, given the small nature of this company, you will be given an account manager to contact directly with any queries during the process.

If you are interested in hearing more about these services please do not hesitate to contact us for a free 2 hour face to face consultation and Report to establish which package would work best for your company.