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Audit, Benchmarking and Mystery Shopping

Do you know what people say about your business? About the level of service they receive from your staff? How do they feel about the suppliers you have chosen? What is your online reputation? Your offline?

Now how do all of these answers compare with what you want to achieve? At Triage Hospitality we can help you to see how well your procedures are followed, we can find out whether your brand experience matches up to customer expectations and allow you to find out for yourself how customers feel about your business.

At Triage Hospitality we believe you need to know where you in order to plan where you are going.

Using online and offline research, interviews, recorded mystery calls, covert video recording of mystery shopping visits and observation, we will put together detailed reports covering specific areas of concern or indeed a thorough examination of the whole business.


The process starts with an initial complimentary meeting, for which a mini-audit will be carried out in preperation After establishing the businesses aims and objectives and areas of concern more detailed audits will be carried out.  (more info)

Detailed Audits

Detailed audits will depend on the areas to be covered but could include:

Market Audit

Search Engine Optimisation

Social Media Audit

Online Reputation

Accounts Procedures

Purchasing Procedures

Sales Procedures

Hygeine & Health and Safety Procedures

Customer Service

(more info)

Mystery Shopping

Finally ongoing monitoring will ensure that procdures are being followed and that the aims and objectives of the business are being promoted clealrly.  With reports, recordings and video often available the same day (delivered electronically) this allows immediate praise to be given or corrective action to be taken. (more info)


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