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For successful companies who are hoping to expand, the process of franchising presents an attractive option. As a less intensive way to carry on a brand name it can often provide a surer and safer path to business success when implemented correctly. At the moment, with such a wide range of businesses to choose from, potential franchisees can afford to keep their options open, meaning that now more than ever companies hoping to enter this market have to work hard to create an attractive franchise package.

Triage Hospitality Ltd is the only consultancy company in Northern Ireland accredited by the British Franchise Association and the Irish Franchise Association. In addition to this we work directly with Business Options, the leading UK Business Expansion Consultants.

We can take you through each step of the franchising procedure including assessing your business potential, providing advice and developing a franchise package, helping to find and train the correct franchisee and creating suitable franchise exit planning.

We would work directly with your company and tailor our “flexible service package” to ensure that you have the ability to undertake any areas that you wish to yourselves. Triage Hospitality Ltd offers different levels of service for each phase of the project to make sure that you are only given relevant help where it is needed.

This exciting business development method has been arranged to ensure that everything is completed properly and that clients gain the maximum benefit. With our extensive range of contacts in this field we are able to make sure that you are introduced to the key individuals in banks, able to speak to people who have been in your position before and directed to appropriate legal advisors.

Both the British Franchise Association and high street banks look for an independent franchise development model produced by a British Franchise Association consultancy firm, such as Triage Hospitality Ltd.

So if you are keen to find out more about the doors that franchising could open for your business get in touch with Triage Hospitality Ltd for a free 2 hour consultation. 


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